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Modern enterprise network empowers health provider to improve efficiency


Enterprise networks forms the communications backbone of an organization that integrates computers and related devices, facilitating seamless communication, data access and security. Large enterprises adopt enterprise network strategies to facilitate integrated network interactions for end users & work groups, maintain physical systems to ensure availability and provide secure communication with all systems & devices. Large medical service providers day-to-day functions would require availability of critical IT systems and customized enterprise networks.


Our client is an iconic medical care provider in Kerala. Client was using legacy network systems, which were incompatible to meet organization’s needs. The IT landscape was lacking a modern, fully managed and centralized enterprise-grade network solution. The existing network infrastructure had many challenges in terms of ensuring application performance, availability and reliability during peak usage hours. The network infrastructure was non-scalable to meet critical demands and affected client's objectives of providing superior medical care to patients.

Solution Highlights

Our professional team at StarOne IT collaborated with IT department of client organization to implement a state of the art enterprise network solution to meet the growing demands of the organization. The centralized network management system provided full control, monitoring and security for connected computing resources. Our solution consists of Cisco based 2 core switches, 2 distribution switches and 30+ access switches. The platform eliminated complex manual steps in deployment and maintenance of IT infrastructure.


The state of the art network solution helped to ensure that billing process is functioning without any disruption in service. The wireless network was upgraded to cover the entire campus. Centralized monitoring solution helps IT admin to easily monitor the health of the network and take preventive action before disaster strikes thereby reducing any unplanned downtime. The performance and availability of the application has increased significantly after the network revamp.

The smarter HCI platforms has built-in capability to eliminate downtime and ensures data protection and availability at all times. The innovative and scalable all-in-one virtualization platform provided client with multitude of capabilities like built-in disaster recovery, simplified operations and reduced cost for IT infrastructure operation and maintenance.



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