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End user computing solution brings digitization to life at public security department


Modern enterprises are tasked with securing critical business data and also responsible for managing employee-specific IT interactions. End-user computing encompasses a wide variety of user-facing resources, including desktop, operating systems, applications, smartphones, web & cloud applications and virtual desktops and applications. EUC also covers modern technologies that organizations use to provide access to resources - windows management, security tools, enterprise mobility, desktop and application virtualization platforms. End-user Computing (EUC) systems amplifies the potential of non-IT workers to seamlessly work with IT applications to realize the potential for high-end computing to gain business benefits.


Our client, public security department has large number of independent locations with disconnected IT systems and networks. The lack of interconnected networks and systems were blocking the digital transformation initiatives by the department. The security department was targeting to eliminate paper-based recording of cases by embracing digital technologies. The employees were facing challenges in adopting digital technologies on the go due to lack of modern laptops and mobile devices. The desktop systems were lacking end-to-end protection and network security, leading to outdated software and desktops exposed to security vulnerabilities from malware and threats.

Solution Highlights

End-user computing capabilities are enabling organizations to provide consistent, enhanced experience to users on multiple devices and in any location. End-user computing platforms allows enterprises to perform system interactions ranging from application installation to end-to-end application ownership. StarOne IT team collaborated with security department, to delivery 1600 Ubuntu OS based laptops for multiple locations. We have undertaken installation, configuration and delivery of laptops on time to enable complete digitization and network enablement of all security establishments in scope.


The primary goal of end-user computing is to offer a consistent computing experience across devices to improve productivity to gain business benefits. EUC solutions we delivered has helped the department to simplify management of enterprise IT systems and tighten network security. End-user computing solutions helped the department to bring together management, security, virtualization and authentication tools in one centralized system. The new systems and processes allowed the security department to offer enhanced user experience, irrespective of the devices in use, while at the same time giving IT departments the flexibility and control to deliver value to the organization and protect sensitive case data.



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