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End User Computing solutions helps to centralize IT asset management


End-user computing provide great advantages to organizations by allowing users to directly manage, control, and manipulate data, accelerate solution deployments and offer modern security to protect the network and device from external security threats. Organization are extending their infrastructure to support the end-user computing and mobility experiences to employees - to remain productive anytime and anywhere. End-user computing ensure that you have necessary computing, network infrastructure and processes in place to secure the data and reduce unnecessary risk to your organization. Irrespective of the type of businesses, we help them to develop the right solution with products and services best suited for client’s IT environment.


Our client is a leading medical institution network in Kerala was looking to leverage digital technologies to fix the current challenges in user experience, application availability, reliability and data security. The program was envisaged to centrally connect five medical colleges to propel the e-Health initiative by the government. The existing IT systems and Tools were almost outdated and application performance was extremely low during peak usage hours. The IT infrastructure was non-scalable to meet critical medical demands and network security turned out to be very complex for the organization to manage.

Solution Highlights

Our professional team at StarOne IT collaborated with medical colleges to implement a state of the art End-user computing solution to meet the growing demands of the organization. A simple to manage Ubuntu based 800 thin client were configured and delivered across locations to accelerate the roll out of e-health program. The EUC solution provided helped in - end point management of IT assets, service management, optimizing computing & application performance, improved user support processes and tools for better collaboration.


End-user computing adoption at medical colleges helped to gain multiple benefits including - Full life cycle asset management, rights-based end user Service, desktop and remote support, wireless user access networks, mobile device management, identity and access management and availability of virtual desktop infrastructure. Our experienced professionals are helping clients to deliver improved experience across multiple business models and technology evolution. EUC solutions ensured that end-user computing functions are optimized to extract maximum value, regardless of the location of e-Health program centers.



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