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End-user computing platform offers secured IT ecosystem


In the Digital era, enterprises are providing workers with flexibility and opportunities to improve their productivity, experiences and creativity. An end user driven IT strategy helps enterprises to better integrate users with IT applications. End-user Computing (EUC) systems amplifies the potential of non-IT workers to seamlessly work with IT applications to realize the potential for high-end computing to gain business benefits. New software architecture designs are taking into consideration the emerging interaction patterns related to knowledge processing, interactive visualization and pervasive computing to offer friction-less interaction with IT systems.


Our client, a leading insurance provider has large number of desktop end-points across locations in Kerala. The client was facing bottlenecks in ensuring timely update of security software due to disjointed networks and lack of centralized end-point security systems to manage updates. The manual effort to plan, execute and manage the updates were tedious as new updates were to be done on individual desktops across 400 locations in Kerala. The desktop systems were lacking consistent internet connectivity, leading to outdated software’s and exposing the desktops and devices to risky vulnerabilities from malware and cyber security threats.

Solution Highlights

End-user computing platforms allows enterprises to perform system interactions ranging from application personalization to end-to-end application ownership. StarOne IT team collaborated with Directorate of Insurance, Govt. of Kerala, to reap the benefit of suitable End-user Computing strategy to streamline system security updates and regular software system maintenance. We deployment a modern SOPHOS based end-point protection platform at client locations across Kerala.


The End-user Computing platform has helped to fully centralize management of desktops - to install and scale new applications, push security updates and manage operating system updates. The new platform has eliminated many manual touch points, helping to save lot of effort in desktop management. New platform facilitates one click updates to be pushed to large number of desktops in real time within the network. The new centralized management has enormously helped to ensure latest security updates all end user systems. Our solution allowed the organization to securely control access to application using modern authentication and authorization practices. The new self-healing end-user computing platform helped to bring predictability and secured the IT landscape from being exposed to malware and security threats.



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