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Enhance reliability and agility by adopting cloud technologies


Cloud Computing is shaping how enterprises work today. It has become integral part of enterprise’s day to-day operations. Companies and businesses of all shapes and sizes are now turning to Cloud Computing. Enterprise Cloud offerings are designed for scalability, security and reliability. Cloud computing platform delivers fully separated and secure computing environment helping to save time, accelerate service delivery and transformation.


Our client, a leading finance corporation is trying to define an efficient path to new IT paradigms consisting of lo-located solutions and software-defined services, which will lead to increased business agility and IT efficiency while lowering operating expenses. This is part of organization’s long-term vision and strategy to support achievement of the strategic directions through modern IT platforms. The cloud adoption is a catalyst for driving a revolutionary change.

Solution Highlights

StarOne IT partnered with client to implement a modern AWS based EC2 cloud platform to gain IT agility to support business growth. The solution also included enablement of site-to-site and client VPN connectivity. The EC2 provided on-demand, scalable computing capacity in the AWS cloud to build and run critical business applications like the mail server. EC2 also supported launching as many virtual servers as the organization needs, allowing scaling up or down when there is an increase or decrease in demand.


The ASW cloud model offered most affordable way to improve operational efficiently, performance and to respond to business needs with less investment on capital expenses, skill and enterprise resources. Heavy load production server is managed effortlessly since volume of server can be changed without shutdown, causing no interruption. On-premise users are able to connect to cloud server via site-to-site connection between on premise and cloud with very less service chargers. Any time anywhere, connectivity is enabled and specific users are provided with the client VPN connection, establishing private access to the server.

Our client today gains many operational benefits including secure physically isolated environment, vertical and horizontal auto-scaling, 24x7 performance monitoring, multi-tenant capabilities to support multiple functional components, self-service resource provisioning for demand delivery and full transparency into the state of cloud platform.



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