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HPC In Space Research Experiments!

StarOne IT implements a modern HPC solution to achieve greater computational power to run research experiments for a leading space research organization.

What's HPC ?

High-performance computing (HPC) is the ability to process complex data and perform critical calculations at high speeds, to fuel scientific, industrial, and societal advancements. Large enterprises like space research organizations have mission critical systems to solve very complex data driven computational problems. It is through data that groundbreaking scientific discoveries are made, game-changing innovations are fueled, and quality of life is improved for billions of people around the globe.

Business Challenges

Our client, which specializes in Indian space exploration faced frequent breakdown of their existing HPC cluster due to lack of scalability options. Their existing HPC cluster was unable to handle the ever-increasing compute requirements for research and analysis. Research experiments would run for weeks, resulting in prolonged analysis time with no certainty of positive results.

Solution Highlights

The space research organization partnered with StarOne IT to implement a modern HPC solution to access significant computational power for research operations. StarOne IT team deployed a high-speed, scalable Supermicro based HPC Solution with a computational capacity of 16 TFLOPS peak with 16 nodes. The data center solution was also upgraded to be compliant with latest IT standards.

Computational Capacity : 16 TFLOPS peak

No of Nodes : 16 Nodes

HPC Solution: Supermicro based HPC Solution


The new HPC cluster has provided improved flexibility and reliability to run critical research based jobs and analysis with better predictability. The HPC cluster has enabled researchers to perform complex experiments in much shorter timescales. Job scheduler ensures the HPC cluster are available for research 24x7 and the case scheduling activities were automated to reduce manual touch points. Customer is able to scale compute power as per the case requirement up to 16 TFLOPS almost immediately.

StartOne IT professionals also upgraded existing Data Center to the modern version to be compliant with latest IT standards. The new cluster has also ensured customer did not have any unplanned downtime. Client fully relied on our expertise in HPC technology to help implement a critical enabler for organization’s success today all without a hitch.


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