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Software Defined Infrastructure Solutions for Leading Healthcare Provider

Minimize downtime and improve performance of critical systems for a healthcare provider!

Embrace Hyper-converged Infra to improve performance


Today’s organizations looks at unleashing the power of IT infrastructure to gain predictable performance, simplify management and extreme flexibility to scale their compute and storage elements. Hyper Converged infrastructure (HCI) combines common data center hardware using locally attached storage resources with intelligent software to create flexible building blocks that replace legacy infrastructure consisting of separate servers, storage networks, and storage arrays.


Our client is an iconic medical care provider in Kerala. Client was using legacy Operating system’s including RHEL 3&4, Windows 2003, which were incompatible to deploy on latest generation of servers. The IT landscape was lacking a disaster recovery system and there were no structured back-up mechanism. The existing infrastructure was almost end of life and application performance was extremely low during peak usage hours. The IT infrastructure was non-scalable to meet critical demands and infrastructure management turned out to be very complex for the organization to manage.

Solution Highlights

Our professional team at StarOne IT collaborated with Client's Department of Information Technology to implement a state of the art Hyper Converged infrastructure solution to meet the growing demands of the organization. A simple to manage HCI platform that converges storage and computing resources was designed and implemented. Our solution consists of a six node VSAN strech Cluster HCI consisting of 144 cores cluster capacity. The platform eliminated complex manual steps in deployment and maintenance of IT infrastructure.


The SDI based Hyper converged infrastructure platform helped to solve predictability challenges by offering granular control and scalability. The rapidly growing demand for IT application required maximum flexibility to manage varying workload in the same infrastructure. We have implemented a future-ready HCI solution to that responds rapidly to organizations demands. The modern HCI platform helped to automate many infrastructure related routine IT tasks and centralize infrastructure management. The smarter HCI platforms has build-in capability to eliminate downtime and ensures data protection and availability at all times. The innovative and scalable all-in-one virtualization platform provided multitude of capabilities like built-in disaster recovery, simplified operations and reduced cost for IT infrastructure operation and maintenance.



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